Infobrief Februar 2017

Halli hallo!
You get this little info-mail because you supported us at some point of our moving, for example helping us to carry all our chaos to the new house, or took part financially, or you visited us already, or you want to visit us soon, or you just wished some news from the KoWi, or all of this at the same time 🙂

So since the 1. of February I live in the KoWi with a new flatmate and his cat, both also coming from Berlin.
Since we are there, actually since the beginning of January already, a lot happened in the KoWi!
First, we moved into one of the big rooms of the ground floor all the furniture we got given by a family of Berlin who’s grand-ma /ma just died… Now we probably have enough furniture for the all house waiting there 🙂
Then our stuff came into what we call now the “yellow flat”… the few habitable rooms of the north part of the house are already quite full!

We temporarily repaired the broken windows with thick plastic foil, and heat with two, most of the time tree old tile stoves, it’s wunderfully warm in the yellow flat.

Next week we finally are going to get some electricity, water will take more time. Till then we have to improvise… first the snow offered a good solution for dishes and shower (you should try snow-shampoo, very refreshing), now we hope it’s going to snow again or get warmer next week and rain a bit… as for drinkable water, we get some from the neighbour.

Last weekend, I broke a hole through the wall to the next flat (the “blue flat”, although it doesn’t look that blue anymore since I took away most of the wall paper there :)), so that the next two rooms get heated and dry a bit and we soon have more livable rooms for guests and people spending their weekends here till the summer… there the windows are at least not broken, like almost all the windows of the yellow flat were as we arrived; but there is some water damages in the ceiling, because of holes in the roof above, that we have to take care of very soon (next point on the do-to list…).
This week my housemate took apart an old water-heater we found in the blue flat and made a beautiful fire-bin of it, that we already used twice those days… thinking about how super cool it’s going to be this summer in the garden… although there is soo much to do till then, because in the last years the garden got used as a big waste dump. In some places under the grass it’s a little mountain of garbage…

Some days ago, we wanted to enjoy the snow, so we made a little break with house work and went for a walk out of the village, to the north. After the last fields there’s a big area of protected forest and a beautiful lake that is completely frozen right now but might be very nice to swim in from may or june on 🙂

In the end, the most difficult is to take some breaks, because of course there is always something to do in the house or in the garden, something urgent or something you want to do next… so we have to learn to rest a bit sometimes also. Otherwise there is going to be no weekend and no resting moments left at all…
At least after our working/building days we go regularly across the street to take a beer at the tavern on the village square. There, quite always the same regular guests seem to be waiting for us… 🙂
The ambiance in the village is relaxed, I feel (…a bit observed but…) well.

As for the wagework part, I’m still looking for a part-time job. We will see…

Each one of you is very cordially invited to visit us for one, two or ten days in the KoWi.
As I said, we might have soon one or two little guest room(s), and otherwise when this/those one is/are occupied the first people to come will have to fix their own sleeping place, and the next… maybe too 😉

Pizza oven, bees, permaculture workshops or singing weeks… each project is welcome to take place in the KoWi!
We already know where we want to have our event/conference/concert/party flat, on the south end of the house, it just has to be a bit refreshed and get new windows 🙂

And of course we are looking for nice longtime housemates…

So, that’s it for this time I think,
here I would like to say thank you again to all our supporters and send you greetings from the KoWi…
I very much hope to see you soon in the KoWi!



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