Second Bau-WE

Middle of April.

Remember the holes in the roof and the flat below I was speaking about? Well it was the flat we got used to call the „blue flat“.

Actually it’s not blue anymore, it was the color of the wallpaper before we took it away.

As we bought the KoWi, because of water damages due to those holes in the roof on the garten side, the room looked like that:

And the other corner of the ceiling like that:

Now thanx to the very qualified and courageous intervention of engaged friends during the week end…


(Like real heros, they all wish to stay anonymous)

…this is now what the big room of the blue flat looks like:

and how the ceiling and the walls of the small room near the big one looks like:

…allowing the small blue room to become our very first, very sweet little guests room:

Yes, a little more decoration will come, but we still have to finish the „fine“plastering before we paint… and decorate 🙂

(Any way we will only start the big painting actions when we finally have mains water)

The ceiling will stay this way only one year, it’s a short time solution till we rebuild the roof… and the ceiling between ground floor and first floor.

Our prevision for the big building weeks (roof and ceilings): summer 2018

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