May, June. Some more Bau-WE I stopped counting…

Hey dears, long time without having been writing, as always a lot to do in the KoWi and further worse, a lot of wagework…

Now I’ll try to update properly. In may we transformed a bit our kitchen/ future kitchen: we took down the wall in the middle of the kitchen or better said between kitchen and former bathroom to make the kitchen bigger, from on one side of the wall this (small, former kitchen):

and on the other side that (very small, former bathroom):

to this: 

(and this:)

And finally this:

Till we have mains water we organized the supply with help (and providing) of our nice neighbour… That’s finally the way it looks:

Otherwise we spent a looot of time every day and on the week ends to work in the garden, where everything is growing like crazy (lot of rain this year and some really hot days in between…)

We had to cut a lot of trees, that were growing into our walls… some day we will replace them.

With plants and seeds from the VERN e.V., Verein für die Erhaltung und Rekultivierung von Nutzpflantzen e.V., Association for the Recultivation and Conservation of Useful plants, we started a small vegetable garden with some sorts of „open-land“ tomatoes (we won’t build a green house this year), yellow and green zucchinis, pumpkins:

The VERN is in Greiffenberg near Angermünde, they do a great job and very much deserve support, if some day you want to visit them the garten is just beautiful and the village worse a little walk 🙂

And the roses turned out to seem really happy that we discovered and cut them quite a lot for the first time in probably many years…

In the end, the work is not progressing as fast as we would like inside of the house but still there is no time at all to get bored!

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