Juli, August

Lots of visitors, some excursions to the lake at the end of the warm day for the fun but also to get clean since we still have no mains water…

Actually we just got the green light for the connection to the collecting pit for used water standing on the other side of our street. We are waiting for a contract with the landlord.

(You will be able to read more about our water situation in a further article.)

Till then, sometimes we organize gardenshower: one person holding a watering can full of rain water, the other one having a very refreshing moment 🙂

A flatmate is gone, a new one is decided to move in on the 1st of october.

A floor has to be built along the carrying wall of the house, so that we don’t have anymore only walk-through rooms. For this reason we have to dismantle an old oven standing just where we want to build the entrance door of the floor…

As a bit fun is also very important, we have some resting moments making art in the garden – and replacing


a not so sexy old graffiti through a new painting, more…


after our own fancy (down here left behind our breakfast guest)

As you see we had also some beautiful days… And a looot to do in the garden.

The flowers that we got donated turned to be very happy at the KoWi, grow like crazy and mix each other happyly…

…just like the roses…

…and some unexpected guest in our southern corner 🙂

We let some men from the village take care of some urgent reparations – till we learn all the stuff we have to learn here and are able to do it all ourselves, sometimes we have to get help from outside. Help that we possibly just find on the other side of the street, at the bar 🙂

End of August: the association ist registrated!!! As often the german bureaucracy took her time and tryed hard to discourage us, but we finally got registrated. Nine month later we now are an e.V. – hard birth!!

Last but not least: we recolted our first home tomatoes and zucchinis… Despite the terrible summer, very encouraging to grow much more next year… and still delicious!




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