Water stories

Let me explain a bit our water situation.

You may already know this: nobody gets mainwater without a wastewater solution. Which we’ve been trying to organize for months, a reason why we also waited for months for mainwater.

As we bought the house, we got the information that it was connected to a sewage pit on the other side of the street. Which is true, but unfortunately not provable: if the all village knows it (and that it was always this way), we never got the papers confirming it.

We contacted the management of this plot. It took several weeks, but at some point they said we would get a contract from the landlord allowing us to get connected to the pit. After that, we waited again for weeks and weeks, tryed to get them on the phone again, till some day they told us there would be no contract, got ununderstandably agressive and avoyed any discussion we tryed to have with them in order the get connected with the landlord.
We never got any more explanation.

The water board of the region is aware of the situation, who the owner is and on what plot the sewage pit is, but would not help. My request for at least ‚construction water‘ till our wastewater situation is solved did not get any reaction of them for months… (in Germany you can get construction water to be able to keep building before the house is occupied and also don’t have yet a wastewater main)
In the end I wrote some weeks ago an email threatening the water board to go public. Eight month without mains water in Germany in the 21th century, just because of the absurdity of the german bureaucracy(/-ies) or, even more, bureaucratic mentality, would probably be quite a cool story for a local newspaper 🙂 . One week later we had an appointment, two days later what they call ‚construction water‘. They say the all situation is our fault because we should have applied again (and again and again) for construction water and not let them forget us… which we didn’t do in the time we were waiting for a (soon coming, so we thought) answer of the building management of the plot where the pit stands…

Anyway in the end we’ll have to build an own pit on our plot, although we are still connected to the old pit and the main is even intact. But why make things easy when they can be complicated.

After all, in the end of october we finally got mains water. It is ‚construction water‘, which means we are not allowed to connect any machine on it (washing maschine etc…) and get no warm water. Still it appears to be a real luxury not to have to carry our 20 kg along the garden every two days 🙂

So one advice if you buy an old house where there is no water anymore since a longer time: check the paperwork and make sure you get all documents you’ll need!

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